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The diesel technician shortage impacts our business at American Diesel Training Centers in Kansas City, MO. We’ve experienced the challenges of finding new techs, so we decided to help fix the problem ourselves.


We founded American Diesel Training Centers Kansas City in order to reinvent the way that diesel technician talent is discovered, trained, and sourced to employers.


ADTC's hundreds of graduates work for over 100 transportation companies
around the United States. We are the fastest growing diesel

technician training program in the U.S. 


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Our system of no-nonsense, hands-on training is supported by state-of-the-art online learning technology. This produces entry-level diesel techs with proficient light mechanical skills who can hit the ground running and thrive in your organization. 


More than anything, we’re proud of the people who’ve come through
our program, the lives we’ve helped change, and the service that we’ve
provided to companies in this vital industry. For those
companies who say, “we just can’t find anyone who wants to work," we

say, "WE CAN!”  You just need to know where to look.

ADTC Kansas City Logo.png

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