There are hundreds of open diesel technician jobs in Kansas City today! 


According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 142,000 new diesel mechanics will be needed to replace retirees and fulfill industry growth by 2022.

The transportation industry is growing at 12% a year.​

8,000 mechanics retire every year.

U.S. post-secondary schools currently produce roughly 5,000 diesel mechanics per year.


Conservative estimates say there are 40,000 diesel technician job openings across the U.S. right now.  




It’s Economics 101. Low supply of mechanics is met with high demand for them. Wages will continue to increase and you will make a great living. After our 300-hour program, you will make a wage comparable to four-year college graduates. Sometimes more!


You will enter into a career with employment for life and unlimited opportunities for growth.

This includes being a technician or something different, like working in parts, service or management. Many transportation company owners, Presidents, and CEO's started out as mechanics.


You will get to work for iconic companies that built and continue to build this country.


You will be on the front lines of technological changes and innovations as they happen.​


We've pioneered a system that has produced 400 diesel technicians since 2017. Since then, we've become one of the largest diesel programs in the United States. 

  • We won't waste your time. The program is no-nonsense and hands-on for 10 weeks, part-time so you can continue working your current job. 

  • We won't bore you in a classroom; the program is 90% hands-on.

  • Graduates of the program get the exact same jobs for the exact same pay as students who have gone deep into student loan debt and/or spent two years in school.

  • We only want students who want to be here.  We form personal relationships with each one of our students, which is why we limit class size to no more than 10 students per class.

  • We’re not allowed to guarantee you a job, but we can say this: If you make it through the program, our placement rate is nearly 100%.

 Graduates work at more than 100 of the best dealers, carriers, and independent truck shops in the country.


It's all about options!

1. Pay nothing...ever...and enter our employer pool. We will place you with one of our excellent employer partners and, in exchange for your commitment to work there for at least a year, you pay nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. But, you must be outstanding. We only work with the best companies, and they expect a great deal from you to earn this privilege.  

2. Enter into an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Pay nothing until you land a job earning at least $30,000 a year. Then, you pay 10% of your income for a maximum of eight (8) years, or until you've paid back 1.2 times the cost of the program, whichever occurs first. There is no interest and if you lose your job or need to take time off, you can pause making payments. Again, no interest accrues. After eight years, the commitment to pay expires. The more you make, the quicker you pay. The cost of our program is $10,000, so monthly payments are very manageable. 


This option gives you ULTIMATE flexibility. Work for who you want and completely control your own destiny.

For more information on ISA's, read here

The U.S. educational system is doing nothing to fix this problem.​


We’ve studied it and know how to fix it.​


But we can’t do it alone.